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I bought my admission online.  Is that all I need? Will I get a ticket mailed to me?

Sort of. Everyone (VIPs, too) must bring your printed Admission confirmation to the “Will Call” area.  We’ll validate it and provide a wristband that serves as your proof of purchase and entry credentials.  Note that multi-day admissions are valid for one individual on multiple days and may not be shared.  Also, if you remove a wristband, it becomes void and you will not be re-admitted.  Will Call opens one hour before the show does and closes one hour before the show floor does.  We do not mail tickets.  Your emailed confirmation is your proof of purchase at the Will Call window.

I’m coming with a group.  Can I get everyone’s wristbands?

It is our policy to place the wristband on the individual, so we cannot give you all of the wristbands for your group.  Each person must be present to receive the wristband.

Can I get a discount?

Possibly!  Watch our Facebook and Twitter feed for special discount codes. Generally, we discount to those who buy early, so it pays (literally) to purchase as soon as you can. In addition, if you are a first responder or active military, email us at for a special discount code.  Note that you will need to bring your ID to Will Call to validate it and you MUST purchase in advance.  We will not discount at the event.  We will provide a 20% discount to general admission at our events for active military and first responders.

What’s the difference between General Admission and the VIP packages?

General Admission includes access to nearly all panels (except those clearly identified as either VIP only or separate admission required) and our exhibit hall during published show hours.

Fandemic Fanatic VIP packages include weekend admission including early admission on Saturday and Sunday (30 minutes before General Admission), preferred seating at panels, access to our VIP lounge and all “VIP only” events, a separate VIP line for autographs and Photo Ops (after the celebrity specific VIP) and a swag bag.

Celebrity Specific VIP packages include weekend admission including early admission on Saturday and Sunday (30 minutes before General Admission), front section seating at panels, access to our VIP lounge and all “VIP only” events, a separate VIP line for autographs and photo ops (VIPs of the particular guest are first, then all other VIPs), a swag bag, one photo op with the celebrity, and one autograph from the celebrity.

I don’t see kids prices.

Anyone 11 and older must purchase admission at the regular price.  Two children, aged 10 and under, are admitted free with each paid adult admission. You may be asked to provide proof of the children’s ages.

I bought my admission and my plans have changed.  Can I get a refund?

Just like a theater or concert ticket, our admission is non-refundable.

I have a disability that requires a companion.  Do they need to buy admission?

Yes, they must purchase admission as well. However, they need only purchase General Admission.  If you have purchased a VIP admission, after you have both checked in and received your wristband, visit our Customer Service office to receive a special wristband that will allow them to accompany you in the VIP lines and seating sections.


Do I have to pay for an Autograph?

For the most part, yes.  Our guests sell their autograph at their tables throughout the event.  Most accept cash-only and prices are determined solely by the guest.  The guest’s schedule will be posted at their table.  Note that not all guests appear all days, so check our website ( for guest appearance days.

Will they sign my sword or ?

Any weapon or replica weapon must be made of plastic or foam to be allowed into the event. Beyond that, it is completely at the discretion of our guests what they are willing to sign. Ask them prior to purchasing the autograph.

Where is the Autograph schedule?

We will post guest schedules at their table at the event.  Photo Ops schedules will be posted on our website.

What about a selfie?

Ask the guest.  Some will allow a selfie while they are signing for you.  Some charge for selfies.  Some have a “no selfies allowed” policy.  It’s completely up to them.  If selfies are available, they are sold at the guest’s table just like autographs.

What is a photo op?

A photo op is a photo of you and the celebrity guest, taken on a professional camera under ideal lighting conditions. It is printed on 8×10” paper on dye-sublimation photo printers. You can purchase additional copies of the photo, or a digital download, at the event. You must check the Photo Op schedule on our website (posted one week prior to the event) for the specific photo op time. For specific questions and information regarding photo ops and scheduling, visit our partner’s website,

Can I buy a Photo Op at the event?

Yes, provided they have not sold out!

How many people can be in each photo op?

One photo op can have up to 2 adults and up to 2 children (16 or younger).

Do I need admission to get a photo op?

Yes.  Admission is required in addition to the price of the photo op.

Venue questions

What is your bag policy?

You can bring any type of bag to the show. Be aware that there will be a security line, and checking a large bag may take longer. During busy periods there will likely be a fast lane for those without bags, or people with clear bags.

Is there somewhere to eat?

The convention center provides food and drink. You may bring a water bottle. Outside food and drink is not permitted by the venue except for medical purposes.

COSPLAY & Fan Groups

Can I include a replica weapon in my cosplay? I have a carry permit, can I bring my gun?

No real, replica, or toy guns are allowed at all, including Airsoft and similar guns.  This includes those with a concealed carry permit. Any weapon or replica weapon must be made of plastic or foam to be allowed into the event.

I’m a member of a fan group?  Can we get a table?

Reach out to either or with information about your group.  We will respond to your request promptly.

My costume is a little risqué.  Is that OK?

Our events are family-friendly. Please be sure that your costume meets that criteria. Generally, there is more flexibility allowed for costumes during the Adult Costume Contest than on the show floor.  We want our families to feel comfortable at the show with their children.


We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind and may remove any one from the event at any time, without refunding their admission, if their behavior violates our policy.

Our Customer Service office can assist you should anyone’s behavior make you uncomfortable.  Additionally, please remember that “Cosplay Is Not Consent” and ask before photographing anyone!


When an attendee makes a purchase, the vendor will hold onto the sword.

  • All attendees must have a photo ID to purchase a sword or knife and be 18 years or over.
  • The vendor will give the customer a claim check at the time of purchase and attached the other part of the claim check to the package with the customer name and number.
  • The customer can pick-up the item in registration when they are leaving the show. The item will be available no sooner than 30 minutes after the purchase. The customer must show the claim check.
  • Metal knives and swords and not permitted on the show floor. Plastic only.


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Don’t see your specific question?

Show information can be found on the individual show pages. If you do not see the information you are looking for, you can email us at